5 Types of Clothing Every New Yorker Needs

5 Types of Clothing Every New Yorker Needs
We New Yorkers have our own distinct style. People recognize us by the way we carry ourselves. They recognize our accents and attitudes. Depending on how we dress, even our clothes can be a dead giveaway. Even so, we make our clothing choices based on the Big Apple lifestyle. New York life is vastly different from life anywhere else in the U.S.

With that in mind, and spring on the doorstep, we want to help our readers get a leg up on their plans to shop for new clothes. Here are five types of clothing every New Yorker needs to have in the closet:

1. Good Quality Jeans

Jeans are one of several types of clothing considered all-purpose wear. They are central to the New York lifestyle. Our kids wear their jeans to school. We wear them to work. Jeans are ideal for attending concerts, going shopping, and doing chores around the house. If you don't have two or three pairs of jeans in your closet, you aren't prepared for New York.

As a side note, we are not talking about cheap department store jeans. You need good quality jeans that will last longer than a single summer season. You should get at least a few years out of each pair.

2. Short Sleeved T-Shirts

T-shirts are a lot like jeans in that they are all-purpose wear. You might think of them as streetwear, and that's fine. The point is that you probably have at least half-a-dozen in your closet or dresser drawer. You have them because you know that t-shirts are essential to a wardrobe designed to be comfortable and relaxed.

Speaking of comfort, this is one of the things our loyal customers love about our t-shirts. We get lots of comments about how comfortable and soft they are. If you have never purchased a Plurawl t-shirt before, you're in for a treat.

3. Sneakers

It is tough to live in New York and not own a pair of sneakers. Sneakers are the ideal footwear for walking around on busy city streets. They are more comfortable than dress shoes or work boots. They do fairly well with moderate amounts of precipitation. Best of all, a good pair of sneakers will last several years.

4. Hats

People call Chicago the Windy City. It may be, but we get our fair share of brisk breezes in the Big Apple. That's why every New Yorker needs a hat or two. Baseball caps are on tap here at Plurawl, so take a look at what we have. One way or another, you need a good hat to keep your head warm, keep your hair from blowing around, and keep the rain and snow off.

5. Hoodies

You're going to be fine in just a t-shirt for most of the spring and summer. But the temperature will drop from time to time, so you're going to need a hoodie to stay warm. A good hoodie should fit loosely without being too large. You should find it comfortable to wear over your t-shirts.

Here at Plurawl, we have you covered for t-shirts and hoodies. Our LatinX clothing and accessories are designed to be affordable, comfortable, and easy to wear. Unfortunately, you will have to go elsewhere for the sneakers, dress shoes, and jeans.

As long as you have all five types of clothing in your closet, you are prepared to live the New York lifestyle this spring and summer. Get out there and enjoy it. Go make the most of the city you love so much – and do it with authenticity in mind.

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