Are You Ready for Summer Nights at the Baseball Stadium?

Are You Ready for Summer Nights at the Baseball Stadium?

Despite a tumultuous winter and a slight delay to spring training, baseball is finally back. That means we New Yorkers will spend the next nine months cheering on our favorites at the baseball stadium. Are you ready for warm summer evenings at the ball park? Do you have your t-shirts, hoodies, and baseball caps?


As you know, Plurawl seeks to be an inclusive company that encourages people to be their authentic selves. We are authentic Yankees fans. That's why you'll find some Yankees-inspired t-shirts, coffee mugs, and artwork in our collection. But if you are a Mets fan, that's okay too. We don't even mind if you root for the Red Sox.


3 Legendary Yankees


Our baseball collection is admittedly small. We pretty much have products featuring just three legendary Yankees: A-Rod, Jorge Posada, and Mariano Rivera. If you are a true Yankees fan, you recognize all three names. The Yankee pinstripes have been worn by a lot of great players over the years. A-Rod, Posada, and Rivera are among the best.


Check out our T-shirts featuring the illustrated faces of all three players. We don't use the official team logo as we are not licensed to do so. Still, you will recognize the faces as soon as you see them. You also notice pinstripe jerseys and all three players' numbers. There is no mistaking who these guys are.


Hoodies and Hats


Our baseball tees are perfect for the ballpark no matter what team you root for. But when the sun goes down, things in the stadium can get a little chilly. You are going to need a hoodie to stay warm. On the downside, none of our hoodies feature our three favorite Yankees. But they still sport fantastic LatinX images and messaging.


Show your favorite Yankee face during the day, then show your support for the LatinX community with a Plurawl hoodie at night. You win on both counts. Not only that, but you’ll be also proudly displaying your Latin heritage without reservation.


As for your head, it is probably a good idea to keep the sun off it. Look no further than a Plurawl baseball cap. Pair it with a good pair of sunglasses and you'll both look good and protect one of the most sensitive parts of your body from harmful UV rays. What's not to love?


Baseball Is Back


Baseball is an important part of our culture. Here at Plurawl, we are so glad it's back for another year. It was touch and go there for a while. But the owners and players worked things out and the Boys of Summer are back in the park. Here's hoping for another great season.


Incidentally, did you know that what we call baseball is a variation of a number of bat and ball games that could be as old as the mid-18th century? The exact roots of baseball are unclear, but it's possible the game evolved from two English games known as stool ball and tut-ball.


The first official baseball game played in North America was actually played in Canada. The first baseball game played in the U.S. occurred in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1846. By the 1850s, all of New York City was alive with baseball. At the turn of the twentieth century, both the National and American leagues were running and what we now recognize as the modern rules of baseball were largely in place.


Baseball season is officially underway. Before you buy your tickets, make sure to get your T-shirts, hoodies, and hats. You want to be properly dressed when you go out to the stadium.

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