How to Hang Your Beautiful Plurawl Posters

How to Hang Your Beautiful Plurawl Posters

The majority of our blog posts discuss topics relating to T-shirts, hoodies, and hats. We wanted to briefly take a break from clothing with this post. So instead, we are going to discuss how to hang your beautiful Plurawl posters. All the posters we sell should be considered serious artwork. It is best to treat them that way when you're hanging them.


As you go through the different hanging suggestions, bear in mind your living arrangements. Rental properties may be subject to strict rules as outlined in lease agreements. If you are a renter, check your lease to see what you're allowed to do in relation to hanging pictures and posters. If you own your home, you can do as you please.


Use Poster Frames


Plurawl LatinX posters are more than worthy of being mounted in poster frames. You can find great looking frames at just about any department store, home accessories retailer, or pop culture outlet. You can buy them online if need be. The one thing to remember about poster frames is that they generally require some sort of fastener – like a nail or hook.


The main advantage of a poster frame is that it will protect your artwork and keep it looking better for longer. It will also prevent inadvertent rolling or edge curling. If you would like to preserve your posters for as long as possible, seriously consider frames. Without frames, you still have other options.


Mounting Putty


Mounting putty is a fantastic product for hanging things on the wall while simultaneously minimizing potential damage. It works exceptionally well for posters. The secret to mounting putty is that it offers just enough stick to keep posters in place, yet it is not so sticky that it will harm the poster or peel the paint off the walls.


Should you choose to use mounting putty, don't assume that more is always better. That is not necessarily the case. Use just enough in each corner of the poster to keep it secure. Don't overdo it or you could find yourself working hard to peel the putty off the wall later.


Double-Sided Tape


Double-sided tape is nothing more than cellophane tape with adhesive on both sides. It is a great tool for hanging posters because it allows you to press the posters flat against the wall. The downside is that you could ruin the posters (or the wall, for that matter) if you try to take them down.


Contact Strips


Another option for hanging posters while minimizing the damage is a product known as the contact strip. Contact strips stick to the wall using a gentle adhesive. Removing one is a simple as pulling on the attached tab. This stretches the adhesive and breaks the bond without damaging paint underneath.


A contact strip can come with a hook or a piece of Velcro. In the case of the hook, you can use it to hang a poster in a frame. Without a frame, you can use a contact strip with a piece of Velcro on both the wall and poster. Then just hang the poster by touching Velcro strip to Velcro strip.


Old school methods for hanging posters include thumbtacks and cellophane tape. Both are a bad idea because they damage both posters and wall surfaces. But if that is all you have available, you may have to make do.


The beautiful LatinX posters you purchased from Plurawl deserve to be treated like the genuine artwork they are. When you hang them, consider them every bit as valuable as the fine works of art you would find in a museum.

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