How to Safely Launder Your T-Shirts and Hoodies

How to Safely Launder Your T-Shirts and Hoodies


We make a point to offer only the highest quality T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. You can count on the fact that any piece of clothing with the Plurawl label on it is a good quality garment. Nonetheless, even the best T-shirts and hoodies break down over time. How they are laundered partially influences how quickly it happens.


Laundering clothes wears on them. Why? Because getting them clean requires that they be agitated. In a washing machine, agitating clothing causes friction. Likewise, friction wears fabrics out. Additionally, the combination of water and detergent can cause both graphics and fabric dyes to fade.


Like you, we want your Hispanic hoodies and T-shirts to look as good as possible for as long as possible. Here are some laundering tips to help make that reality:


1. Separate Your Laundry


We all know enough to separate laundry by colors. Don't stop there. Separate by clothing type as well. Do not wash extremely filthy work clothes with not-so-dirty leisure wear. Also, don't throw your T-shirts in with pants that have zippers and snaps. The hardware can create excessive friction with the softer fabric of your T-shirts.


2. Be Careful with Detergent


Use detergent that is both color safe and works well in cold water. Moreover, read the directions and use the appropriate amount for your washing machine type and the size of the load. Avoid using excess detergent. If you use too much, it might not all rinse out. That could lead to piling and other unattractive consequences.


3. Wash in Cold Water


You should always wash your Hispanic T-shirts and hoodies in cold water. Not because they are Hispanic, but because hot water can cause colors to bleed. You don't want that. Besides which, cold water washing is fine with modern detergents. They are designed to be used with cold water.


4. Turn Them inside Out


Your Plurawl Hispanic T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts come with printed graphics. That being the case, turn each piece inside out before you throw it in the washing machine. Doing so reduces friction that would otherwise wear out the graphics faster. The only friction that takes place occurs with the softer fabric of the T-shirt or hoodie, rather than more abrasive fabrics that might be in the same load.


5. Choose the Standard or Gentle Cycle


Most modern washing machines allow you to choose different cycles based on how dirty your clothing is. For your T-shirts and hoodies, use a standard or gentle cycle. Your clothes will not be agitated as aggressively, and they will spend less time soaked in dirty wash water.


6. Be Careful with the Dryer


T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies tend to do fine in tumble dryers. But here's the thing: tumble dryers are normally designed with multiple temperature setting choices. Choose the lowest possible temperature that still gets your clothes dry in a reasonable amount of time. The lower the temperature, the better it is for T-shirt graphics.


Some people prefer to hang their laundry rather than throw it in the dryer. That's fine, too. In fact, that's probably the better option if you're looking to extend the lives of your T-shirts and sweatshirts for as long as possible. The only downside is that line drying doesn't tend to produce that same soft feel.


The Spanish sweatshirts, hoodies, and T-shirts you purchase from Plurawl are high quality garments. Take care of them and they will offer you years of reliable service. A big part of doing so is laundering them properly. And now that you know how to do it, you're good to go.

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