How to Use Our Zoom Backgrounds Effectively

How to Use Our Zoom Backgrounds Effectively

Did you know that Plurawl has expanded our inventory to include virtual backgrounds? It's true. Our online store has always been a great place to find your favorite LatinX t-shirts, hoodies, and hats. And of course, don't forget our great artwork and coffee mug collection. But why stop there? We are confident you will love our Zoom backgrounds too.


Needless to say that a good background can make any Zoom call that much better. But you have to know how to use backgrounds the right way. Otherwise, the image you present could end up being less than inspiring. That being the case, here are some tips for using our virtual backgrounds effectively:


              1. Prepare the Real Background


You have chosen to use a virtual background so that others don't see what's really behind you. That's great. But in order for the technology to work correctly, your real background (what is actually behind you in real life) has to work well with your camera. We recommend positioning yourself so that your back is facing a solid, matte surface.


The best choice is to invest in a green or blue screen. You can buy them pretty cheaply online. In the absence of a screen, use a flat wall. If there is any artwork on the wall, remove it during the call. The goal is to have the area behind you so that appears to your camera as a single, consistent color.


                    2. Prepare the Lighting


That wall behind you should be lit in such a way as to create a consistent color across the entire surface. However, do not place bright lights anywhere in direct view of your camera. Otherwise, the image other participants see will be artificially dark. Place lights so that they face toward you but are still behind your camera. The more even your lighting scene, the better your virtual background will look.


         3. Choose an Appropriate Background


Have you ever heard of reading the room? If so, apply that principle to choosing your virtual background. Plurawl has plenty of good backgrounds to choose from, but not all of them are appropriate for every call. A business call requires a more formal background. A casual call gives you permission to be a bit more casual yourself. Just remember the phrase, "read the room" and you will be fine.


               4. Keep the Foreground Simple


You can choose the most appropriate virtual background in your collection and still create a less than favorable impression if your foreground is too noisy. Let's say you are sitting at a desk. Does the camera pick up your coffee cup, computer, the stack of bills you haven't paid yet, and tons of other things that don't have any other home? That is too much. Clear off the clutter.


If you are the type of person who likes to include computer-generated text on your Zoom screens, that's fine. Just keep that simple as well. Too much text ends up being distracting. You want others to focus on you, not the text on the screen. Everything in the foreground should blend in nicely without being distracting.



Plurawl is proud to offer customers a delightful selection of virtual backgrounds. Perhaps we will add more in the future. For now, what we have is a perfect complement to our LatinX clothing and accessories. We hope you agree.

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