Hoy Se Baila: For the Baby Who Loves to Move!

Hoy Se Baila: For the Baby Who Loves to Move!

If there is one thing we know about babies, it is this: once they figure out that they can move, they don't ever want to stop. A baby on the move can cover a lot of ground and experience a lot of new things. Parents have to do their best to keep up. It is with that in mind that we created the 'Hoy Se Baila' one piece for babies.


Literally translated, 'hoy se baila' means 'today we dance'. Your 20-week-old baby isn't about to stand up and join you in the salsa. She isn't going to cut the rug while you blare your favorite radio station at full volume. But we are willing to bet that she's a mover. We are willing to bet that once her arms and legs start going, they can go endlessly.


Always on the Go


The great thing about babies is that they are always on the go. It takes them a little while to get their legs under them, but they can generally crawl long before they walk. All it takes is a little bit of mobility to give a baby a taste of freedom. And when that happens, watch out. Your entire home becomes a brave new world worthy of exploration.


Maybe moving and exploring is programmed into babies by nature. That is how they learn. It is in their nature to poke around on the floor and find things they can put in their mouths. They feel compelled to touch, taste, stare at, and listen to. And as parents, it is fascinating to watch your little ones take in a constant stream of information that will form how they eventually see the world.


Teaching Them the Authentic


Not to get overly serious here, but one of our goals is to help our customers feel better about being their authentic selves. We want to encourage them to strive for authenticity in their daily lives. Believe it or not, the Hoy Se Baila one-piece plays into that mission.


Learning to be your authentic self in your 20s or 30s is better than never learning it at all. But if we can teach our kids to be authentic from day one, perhaps they will avoid some of the traps that come with a lack of authenticity. So maybe doing the little things, like dressing a baby in a Hoy Se Baila one piece, can be a good first step for parents.


Teaching our kids to be authentic gives them a leg up on the rest of the culture. It validates the feelings of pride they experience when they consider who they are, the heritage they come from, and how both play into how their futures play out.


We Have Something for Everyone


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