Pullover Sweatshirts: To Hood or Not to Hood

Pullover Sweatshirts: To Hood or Not to Hood

It is that time of year again when customers start ordering more sweatshirts. T-shirts are still fine as temperatures cool, but sweatshirts have obvious benefits during the fall and winter. For some people though, buying new sweatshirts comes with a difficult choice: hoody or sweatshirt.


This post discusses both options in the pullover sweatshirt realm. We won't talk about zip-up sweatshirts because Plurawl doesn't currently carry them. We only carry LatinX pullover sweatshirts and hoodies for the time being. And by the way, we have both unisex and ladies’ sweatshirts and hoodies.


                   The Hood Is the Difference


The place to start this discussion is with the fact that the hood is really the only difference between a hoodie and a non-hooded sweatshirt. Both types of sweatshirts are made with the same soft, durable material. Both are intended to be a bit bulky for extra warmth. Both can be worn as in outer garments or underneath something else.


                   Hoodies for Outdoor Activities


Here in New York, where Plurawl is located, we spend a lot of time outdoors. We spend time walking to and from work and entertainment venues. We spend time in parks and on the front steps. Being outdoors and enjoying what the city has to offer is part of being a New Yorker. Maybe you have the same experience where you live. Either way, it is pretty common to see New Yorkers wearing hoodies.


A hoodie is perfect for casual outdoor activities. A thick hoodie insulates against the cold and wind. And even if you don't actually wear the hood, there's still enough excess material there to protect your neck and the back of your head. That's one of the reasons hoodies are so much warmer.


                   Sweatshirts for Indoor Activities


Indoor activities are obviously enjoyed without exposure to the elements. Sometimes you still want the warmth of a sweatshirt, but you don't need the extra protection of a hoodie. In fact, wearing a hoodie indoors might be too warm. The standard pullover sweatshirt is what you're looking for.


                   Both As Outer Garments


Both hoodies and standard sweatshirts do very well as outer garments. What you wear under them can make a difference in your choice for the day. For example, maybe you want to wear a collared shirt for a semi-casual look. A hoodie on top of that collared shirt defeats the purpose. But with the standard sweatshirt, your collar can still be seen.


Anything goes underneath a hoodie. You can wear a T-shirt, a tank top, or anything else you want. All people see is the hoodie itself.


On the other hand, wearing something else on top of a hoodie can be challenging. It is easy to get away with a windbreaker or a light jacket because you can pull the hood over the top of the collar and wear it on the outside. But wearing a heavier jacket over the top can create a lot of bulk around the shoulders and neck.


                   A Matter of Personal Preference


When all is said and done, hoodies versus sweatshirts is a matter of personal choice. You might find one more comfortable than the other. You might also have both types. Whatever. It all works. Just so long as you have the right sweatshirt or hoodie when you need it.


We invite you to take a look at our selection of unisex and ladies’ hoodies and sweatshirts. We have something for everyone. Among our best sellers is the Sin Verguenza hoodie in basic black. It comes in all the most common sizes for men and women.

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