The End of Summer Doesn't Mean the End of Your T-Shirts

The End of Summer Doesn't Mean the End of Your T-Shirts

Back in the spring, we put together a blog post encouraging our readers to start thinking about new T-shirts for summer. That was months ago. Now, with the end of summer fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about fall and winter. But that doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to your T-shirts for the next six months. T-shirts are ideal year-round. You just wear them differently when it gets cold out.


With that said, fall and winter are perfect for buying new soft and stylish LatinX T-shirts from Plurawl. We are guessing that a full summer of hard work and equally hard play has worn out some of your older T-shirts. It's a safe bet some of them are destined to become cleaning rags or hand towels for when you're working on the car.


While you are thinking on that, consider some of the great ways you can continue enjoying our Latino and Latina T-shirts during the colder months:


                   1. Under Your Flannel Shirts


Plurawl is based in New York City. We are intimately familiar with the concept of wearing multiple layers in cold weather. Here, flannel is almost an institution between Thanksgiving and Easter. As long as you're going to wear flannel, you might as well make your second shirt a LatinX T-shirt.


A T-shirt adds an extra insulating layer under your flannel. It will absorb and wick away perspiration to keep away the chills. And if it's one of our T-shirts, it will speak a message you can be proud of. You will have an excuse to wear your flannel unbuttoned.


                   2. Under Your LatinX Hoodie


Maybe you're not into the whole flannel vibe. Cool. We have an excellent selection of LatinX hoodies and sweatshirts to choose from. Don't even think about wearing them without a T-shirt underneath. Just like flannel, sweatshirts and hoodies keep you warmer when you layer.


3. A Reminder of Your Vacation

Those of us in the north tend to get a little wary of winter weather somewhere around the first part of February. Knowing that the groundhog has seen his shadow only makes things worse. Perhaps that's why so many northerners take warm weather vacations that time of year. If this sounds like you, your T-shirts have an important job.

Making a point to wear your T-shirts during the dead of winter can be a great reminder of that upcoming vacation. In just a few weeks, you'll be relaxing on a sunny beach in a T-shirt and your swimming trunks. The sun will be shining, a soft breeze will blow, and you will temporarily forget about how cold and depressing it is back home.


                   4. With a Jacket


The end of summer represents an opportunity for you to break out those jackets in your closet. You haven't worn them all summer, and with good reason. But you are not quite ready to go full-on formal quite yet. Pairing one of our T-shirts with a jacket puts you squarely in the transitional middle.


A jacket with a T-shirt is the epitome of modern casual for all genders. It says, "I know how to mix both casual and formal dress – and look good doing so." Best of all, you can wear just about anything on your lower half. Jeans, joggers, yoga pants or even a skirt. It's all good!


Summer has to end sometime, right? That time has almost arrived for 2021. But don't be discouraged. Fall and winter offer plenty to celebrate. Get a head start with some new LatinX T-shirts from Plurawl. You don't have to stop wearing T-shirts just because the temperatures are dropping. T-shirts are a year-round option regardless of your style choices.

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