The Plurawl Brand: As Important to Us as It Is to You

The Plurawl Brand: As Important to Us as It Is to You


We trust you are familiar with the Plurawl brand as a leading seller of Spanish T-shirts, Hispanic clothing, etc. As a loyal customer, our brand is important to you for a number of reasons. You appreciate our quality, messaging, and pricing. You appreciate the great selection we give you. But did you know that our brand is as important to us as it is to you?


That probably goes without saying from a business perspective. But how many consumers really understand the whole point of branding? It's a big deal. Companies in every industry work hard to develop and promote their brands in order to maintain positive relationships with their customers.


A Definition of 'Brand'


So what is a brand? First of all, it is more than just a name. Our brand is more than just 'Plurawl'. It is more than just a unique logo. For business and marketing purposes, a brand has two key characteristics:


  • A distinct identity
  • A public image or reputation worthy of being promoted.


In essence, a brand is that collection of things that makes a company distinct. In our case, it is a
combination of our Hispanic clothing and Latino art along with our mission and vision of promoting
authenticity within the Latino/Latina community.


That message of authenticity is a big reason why maintaining our brand is so important to us. Our company was founded on the idea of being authentic. It's as integral to our brand as the name and logo.


6 Reasons for Branding


If you are a loyal Plurawl customer, you are already familiar with what our brand stands for. Our brand may be a mystery to you otherwise. Let's try to remedy that by discussing six reasons for branding:


1. Creating a Unique Identity


The first reason is evident in the definition of the word itself. Companies brand themselves in order to create a unique identity that customers will remember. We suspect you remember our brand not just for the name, but also our focus on authenticity among Hispanics.


2. Remaining Relevant


Any business, whether it is selling Spanish T-shirts or washing windows, started with the goal of long-term success in mind. Branding helps by keeping a business relevant to the times. By the way, this is why companies sometimes feel the need to re-brand.


3. Increasing Visibility


A company's brand increases its visibility. Branding offers the opportunity to market a company as being distinct from its competitors, which puts the company's identity in front of customers.


4. Improving Traction


In business, traction is the ability to begin making sales and then build on those sales from quarter to quarter. Branding helps traction by bringing satisfied customers back and encouraging them to share the brand with others.


5. Creating a Strong Image


Branding is almost always combined with things like names, logos, and color schemes. The idea is to combine the philosophical image with a visible image that consumers remember. A company wants its logo to be recognized and remembered around the world. Branding helps accomplish that.


6. Resolving Issues


Finally, a big part of branding is understanding your company's identity and presenting that to consumers. Maintaining a commitment to that identity helps businesses better resolve issues that pop up among consumers. It provides motivation to resolve those issues without harming the brand.


The Plurawl brand is most visible in terms of Hispanic T-shirts and hoodies. It is important to us because it resonates with the Hispanic community, hopefully in a way that encourages all of us in that community to be more authentic. What do you think?

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