True Authenticity and What It Means to 'Be a Mirror'

True Authenticity and What It Means to 'Be a Mirror'

One of our hottest selling items right now is the unisex ¿Quien Tú Eres? T-shirt. The shirt was inspired by the popular ¿Quien Tú Eres? podcast and the personal experiences shared on it. On the back of the shirt is a list of characteristics that define what it means to be truly authentic. Fourth on that list is 'be a mirror'.


To us, being a mirror is not just a phrase to put on the back of a LatinX T-shirt. It is also not something that is limited to the LatinX and Hispanic communities. Being a mirror is for all of us. If we were all more conscious about who we truly are, genuine authenticity wouldn’t be so hard to find.


So what does it mean to be a mirror? Keep reading to find out. And when you're done reading, take a look at the ¿Quien Tú Eres? T-shirt. It would make a great addition to your T-shirt collection. It is also a fantastic gift item for family members and friends.


                   Mirrors Reflect Images


In the physical sense, a mirror is a surface that reflects images. The image reflected by your bathroom mirror makes it possible for you to do your hair, comb your beard, or whatever. Being a mirror in a social sense is based on the same principle.


The concept of social mirroring is pretty simple. It dictates that we are all mirrors to one degree or another. As mirrors, what do we reflect? The qualities and characteristics of other people. Here's the thing: we can reflect both good and bad.


Have you ever wondered why that passive-aggressive coworker irritates you so much? Maybe he's reflecting a part of you that you don't like. By the same token, you truly appreciate that friend who seems to always show kindness and compassion at just the right moment. When you are able to exhibit the same characteristics, you feel good about yourself and that friend.


                   Reflect the Good Things


To be truly authentic is to not be afraid of who you are. It is to embrace everything that makes you a unique individual. By the same token, genuine authenticity requires that you allow others to be themselves in whatever way is generally authentic to them. Being a mirror plays into this.


We all have good and bad characteristics. The idea behind being a mirror is reflecting the good character traits other people want to see in themselves. If you want to help other people show kindness, reflect that by being kind yourself. If you want to encourage other people to live graciously, reflect graciousness in your own life.


                   More Than Just a T-Shirt


Plurawl is a company founded on the principle of helping those of us in the LatinX community learn to be our authentic selves every single day. That message of authenticity involves more than wearing a LatinX T-shirt or sweatshirt. Genuine authenticity is about action. It is about taking the steps required to be authentic and encouraging others to do the same.


One of those steps is being a mirror. Remember that your life reflects both good and bad. What you reflect is seen by others and, in some cases, copied by them. So be a positive mirror. Reflect those good and honorable character traits that make people better. Reflect them as often as you can.


Our popular ¿Quien Tú Eres? T-shirt is a reminder of the need to be authentic. We hope you will choose to buy and wear it. But more importantly, we hope you'll choose to be a mirror for positive change.

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