What Color Choices Say About You

What Color Choices Say About You

Our regular customers know that as the Plurawl inventory expands, so do our color choices. Some of our LatinX T-shirts and hoodies still only come in black, white, and gray, but we're starting to expand to include blues, tans, reds, and greens. Expect more color choices in the coming months.

Did you know that your choice of colors says something about you? At least that's what psychologists say. They say that people use color to express their overall personalities. Sometimes, colors are chosen in a particular moment to express how a person is feeling.

There is no way to know how much stock to put in the whole color thing. Still, we thought it might be interesting to dig a little deeper. We looked at a number of resources before finally settling on a fantastic piece from Better Help contributor Danni Peck. Her work was medically reviewed before being published.

  • Black

  • Black has always been a safe color choice for fashion. It is neutral and works well with all body types. In terms of personality, we tend to think of black as a color that inspires confidence. As such, we tend to wear black T-shirts if our goal is to present a confident personality. A black LatinX T-shirt from Plurawl will help you look confident and stylish.

    Psychologists say that black suggests a combination of mystery and independence. It can also signal creativity, sexuality, and power. Perhaps that's why the little black dress still holds such a prominent position in women's fashion.

  • White

  • In terms of personality, white supposedly indicates that the wearer is logical and a deep thinker. It suggests independence and organization. People who frequently wear white might also have a thing for cleanliness.

  • Gray

  • Halfway between black and white is gray. These days, Gray is perceived as modern and chic. People who prefer gray hoodies and T-shirts also tend to have a thing for neutral tones in their interior decorating. Gray says that you are laid-back and chill. It says that, even though you may be moody every now and again, you are really not into drawing attention to yourself.

  • Blue

  • Culturally, blue signifies stability, tranquility, and peace. A preference for blue might indicate that your personality leans toward loyalty and trustworthiness. It also might indicate that you prefer peaceful and tranquil environments. Noisy parties probably aren't your thing.

  • Red

  • If you like red T-shirts and hoodies, you are likely to be a person who is driven and self-motivated. You prefer daily adventures over the same old routine. You enjoy being active. At least that's what the psychologists say. Historically speaking, red has been understood as an intense and aggressive color. Strangely enough though, it's also associated with love and romance.

  • Pink

  • Pink is viewed as more romantic than red because of its softer hues. Psychologists say that people who prefer pink desire to be loved unconditionally. They also want to show that kind of love to others. People who prefer pink tend to be more open-minded as well.

    Do not take what you read here as gospel. Many individual's understanding of color preferences are assumptions based on observation and opinion. They aren't hard science. In the end, whatever color you prefer for your LatinX T-shirts and hoodies is up to you. You are your own person regardless of the colors you wear. Be proud of who you are and what you stand for.

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