What Is a Unisex T-Shirt?

What Is a Unisex T-Shirt?

You'll notice that we categorize our t-shirts as either women's or unisex t-shirts. These are industry-standard categories separate from our focus on Latino, Latina, and LatinX messaging. The differences between women's and unisex t-shirts are about style and cut. This post will explain it all.

In the meantime, know that we have a great selection of t-shirts for men, women, and children. You'll love the many colors and messages we offer. If you are in the market for some new tees, take a look at our selection. And while you're here, don't forget to take a look at our hooded sweatshirt, hats, coffee mugs, and artwork.

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T-shirts for Ladies

The best way to explain the unisex t-shirt is to start by discussing ladies’ t-shirts. Weather Latina or not, a lady’s t-shirt is so designated because of its cut. In other words, the fabric is cut and then sewn together in such a way as to be more form-fitting. Perhaps you've noticed that ladies’ t-shirts tend to taper as they flow from shoulder to waist.

Ladies’ t-shirts are designed to flatter the female figure. A man wearing a lady’s t-shirt would experience a fit that he's not quite used to. For right or wrong, men's t-shirts are generally not form-fitting. Thus, the difference in feel would be quite noticeable.

Unisex T-Shirts Are for Both

Moving on to unisex t-shirts, it is apparent from the name that they are intended for both sexes. Again, it all starts with cut. Where a lady’s t-shirt is cut with a tapered design so as to make it more form-fitting, a unisex t-shirt’s cut is similar to the cut of a men's t-shirt. In fact, it's so close that many manufacturers and retailers don't draw a distinction between the men's and the unisex categories.

A unisex cut is a straighter, more box-like cut that follows a straight line from the shoulder down to the waist. It is designed that way to accommodate men and their natural tendency toward a larger body frame. Men's and unisex t-shirts are loosely fitting by design.

You can easily see that with any of our Latino, Latina, or LatinX t-shirts. They hang more freely from the shoulders because of the straight unisex cut.

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A Word About Color

Although there are exceptions to the rule, another common characteristic of the unisex t-shirt is its neutral color. Let's face it, some colors are associated more with ladies’ fashion than anything else. As such, unisex t-shirts tend to not be offered in those colors.

The same is true for messaging and artwork. Some messages would be decidedly male or female. The same with images. Unisex t-shirts tend to be neutral in both departments. Again, this is easily seen in our collection of unisex t-shirts. Our AOC t-shirt is suitable for both sexes. So is the Sin Vergueza Social Club tee. Neither one has artwork or a message that would be exclusively male or female.

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