What Makes a T-Shirt or Hoodie Really Soft?

LatinX Hoodie by Plaurawl
We take great pride in the fact that our LatinX T-shirts and hoodies are extremely soft. Our customers love it too. They are constantly writing to tell us how much they love the clothes they buy from us. Every once in a while, a customer will ask what makes our T-shirts and hoodies as soft as they are.

Well, there isn't just one reason. A lot of things go into making T-shirts and hoodies, things that have nothing to do with graphics or clever sayings. There are so many variables that it is possible to take two seemingly identical T-shirts, wash and wear them a couple of times, and discover that one is a lot softer than the other.

Quality of the Cotton

All of our LatinX hoodies and T-shirts are made from high-quality cotton and cotton blends. That's the first factor. Cotton quality differs quite a bit depending on where it's grown. For example, cotton crops from both Egypt and Arizona offer significantly better quality because their fibers are longer. That makes for a tighter weave which, ultimately, results in a softer fabric.

Weave Tightness

Speaking of a tighter weave, some of the softest fabrics in the world boast the tightest weaves. The tighter the weave, the closer together the threads are. This makes for a softer fabric because smaller spaces between threads do not catch the skin as easily.

Cotton fabrics are known for their tight weaves. When you combine long fibers with a tight weave, you get the best of both worlds in a fabric that is extremely soft to the touch.

Thread Count

Yet another factor that determines how soft a T-shirt or hoodie feels is thread count. Perhaps you're familiar with thread count in terms of bed sheets. You know Egyptian cotton sheets are among the finest because of their exceptionally high thread count. The same principle applies to cotton blends.

A higher thread count means more thread density. It also means a tighter weave in most cases. Combine those two things and you create a softer fabric that feels exceptionally luxurious.

How to Make T-Shirts and Hoodies Softer

There are a few other factors that contribute to T-shirt and hoodie softness. They include how the cotton is processed, the cut of the individual threads, and so forth. But moving on, you might be interested to know that you can make your T-shirts and hoodies softer if they aren't soft enough for you.

All you need to perform this little piece of magic is some water and table salt. Mix a cup of salt with a quart of warm water. Then soak your T-shirt or hoodie in it. How long should it soak? There's no hard and fast rule here. It depends on the actual blend of the fabric.

Start with a soak for about an hour. Then take it out, rinse it, and let it dry. If it's not soft enough for you, put it back in the bath. Some T-shirts will soften up nicely in no time at all. Others have to soak for 24 hours or longer. You just have to experiment.

And now you know why T-shirts and hoodies tend to be so soft. Some are softer than others. At any rate, you will find all of the Latino, Latina, and Spanish T-shirts and hoodies from Plurawl are soft and comfortable. They are so soft and comfortable they may become your favorite articles of clothing. And if so, be sure to let us know. We always love to hear what our customers think about our products.

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