Why T-Shirt Messaging Is Such an Important Tool

Why T-Shirt Messaging Is Such an Important Tool

You wouldn't be alone if you wondered what T-shirts and hoodies have to do with being generally authentic. After all, they are just articles of clothing. But for the purposes of helping us fulfill our mission of inspiring genuine authenticity, T-shirts are particularly important tools for one simple reason: messaging.


Way back when T-shirts and sweatshirts were first introduced, they were pretty much utilitarian clothing. It wasn't until the 1960s that manufacturers started adding graphic images and lettering. But in the years since, using the blank canvas of a T-shirt or sweatshirt for messaging purposes has exploded.


Marketers haven't been afraid to utilize T-shirt messaging because they know it works. So perhaps a more interesting question to ask is why it works. For the answer, we turn to something known as subliminal advertising.


Encouraging People to Buy


Subliminal messaging, as a marketing tool, was born in the late 1950s when a marketing research expert known as James Vicary claimed he could increase soft drink and popcorn sales at movie theaters by flashing subliminal messages across the screen. His research showed outstanding results.


It was later proved that Vicary made it all up. However, his charade prompted a bunch of follow-up research over the next several decades. That research has shown that there are some limited benefits to subliminal advertising.


Subliminal messages can encourage people to engage in certain kinds of behavior, but only if they are inclined to that behavior anyway. If they are not, messaging doesn't seem to help.


The messages on our Hispanic T-shirts and hoodies certainly isn't subliminal. They are out in the open, plainly displayed for all to see. But the messaging concept remains the same.


Providing Reinforcement and Courage


If we apply the subliminal messaging concept to our T-shirts and hoodies, it becomes clear just how important T-shirt messaging is. As a new Plurawl customer, we suspect you like our Spanish clothing and artwork partially because you agree with the message. You are already inclined to the messages our products display.


That being the case, wearing one of our T-shirts or hoodies could inspire you to be more authentic in the moment. It could inspire more courage in you, courage to be more authentic even when you are not wearing a Plurawl T-shirt or sweatshirt. But it doesn't stop there.


You might walk down the street wearing one of our T-shirts and pass by dozens of other people who are already inclined to the authenticity mindset. They already agree with it 100%. However, they may not have the courage to pursue it themselves.


Seeing your T-shirt or sweatshirt could change that. The message is one that some of those people are already inclined to. Seeing it on your T-shirt could be the impetus they need to take action.


Repeat Something Often Enough


Above and beyond the idea of subliminal messaging, there is a similar concept that marketers have been relying on for a long time. That concept says this: if you repeat something often enough, people start believing it.


There are those in our community that long for authenticity but don't believe it's truly possible. We get it. Perhaps the rest of us could help change their minds through constant reminders of authenticity's promise. Repeat the message often enough and more people will believe it.


Some may view our T-shirts, hoodies, and artwork as nothing but cultural novelties. But our products are so much more. Just based on the principle of T-shirt messaging, the Plurawl brand can be a powerful tool to effectively reach our community with a message of authenticity that actually sticks.

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