Why Your Next Hat Should Be a Plurawl Hat

Why Your Next Hat Should Be a Plurawl Hat

With summer just about here, hats will be in big demand. They are just something we buy in anticipation of spending more time outdoors. Needless to say, we think your next had should be a Plurawl hat. Throw in some t-shirts and a little bit of Latino, Latina, and Latinx artwork and you have the makings of a great online shopping experience.

As far as hats are concerned, our big focus right now is baseball caps. The way we figure it, a baseball cap is an all-purpose hat you can wear any time and in any place. Choose from a number of styles and looks, along with two great messages: 'sin verguenza' and 'hoy se baila'.

Hoy Se Baila - Distressed Hat

Keep the Sun at Bay

You weren't planning to buy a new hat? Let's talk about why you should, beginning with how well a baseball cap shields your face from the sun. Don't forget how important it is to keep the sun at bay. A baseball cap offers excellent shading on hot summer days when the sun is directly overhead. Combined with a pair of sunglasses, a baseball cap will help prevent UV damage to your eyes.

One of our hats will help if you are prone to sunburn as well. The less direct sunlight on your face, the better for your skin. You might not think it's worth it now, but we're betting you'll change your mind when all of your friends start developing those age spots years from now. You'll be glad you wore your hat.

It's Going to Rain

Not every summer day means bright sunshine and blue skies. It is going to rain. And what better way to keep the rain off your face than a baseball cap. A baseball cap's long bill channels water away from your face so that you can still see where you're going and what you're doing. And if you don't like wet hair, a good hat will keep it dry – at least for a while.

You Will Look Good

The best part about a new hat from Plurawl is that you'll look good wearing it. Perhaps the Sin Verguenza Classic hat fits your personality. In basic black, it will go with any outfit you choose to wear. It offers a clean look and a sharp design. In addition to the classic design, we also feature vintage and distressed hats. You get the same messaging on both.

Or vintage hats feature faded colors rather than solids. Imagine a pair of jeans that have slightly faded after a few times through the wash. It is the same kind of look you get with the vintage style. Distressed hats are just as the name implies. They come from the factory with slight blemishes to make them look like they're already well worn.

Sin Verguenza - Vintage Hat

You Will Be Supporting Plurawl

One last reason your next hat should be a Plurawl hat is as simple as supporting a small business. But we're not just any small business. We are one that is proudly Latino, Latina, and LatinX. There aren't a whole lot of mainstream businesses whose primary goal is to support our community. It is our goal at Plurawl. Moreover, we pursue our goal proudly.

Every Plurawl purchase gives you an opportunity to show your pride in our culture. It's an opportunity to connect with other LatinX people over shared heritage, history, and roots.

A baseball cap is a must-have accessory for outdoor summer activities. Whether you don't currently have a hat or you're looking to add one to your existing collection, we think your next hat should be a Plurawl hat.

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