More Than a Title with Angelica Ogando

More Than a Title with Angelica Ogando

We are highlighting a previous episode of the ¿Quién Tú Eres? podcast, where we explore the conflict we often face between "professionalism" & being our authentic selves. 

Angelica Ogando (aka “The People Whisperer”) is an Afro-Latina born in the Dominican Republic and a proud product of Neward “Brick City”, NJ.

Angelica is the Co-Founder of Yoshida Academy, where they help people become excellent leaders and storytellers, and the Co-Founder of Warrior Queen Cosmetics, where they highlight women who are powerhouses and trailblazers through their cosmetics.

In this conversation, we go into the limiting beliefs women of color have often struggled with because of colorism and the standard of beauty. And we also learn how Angelica discovered herself and her purpose.


These are some of the episode highlights:

“To me, authenticity is being exactly who I was called to be.” -Angelica Ogando

Angelica and her twin sister suffered from imposter syndrome because they didn’t know where they fit in. They arrived in the United States at the age of six and were living in a Latino environment at first. Then, they moved to a predominately African American town. But in neither of these places, they were considered Black enough to be Black or White enough to be Latinas.

They had a hard time trying to connect and identify. And as a result, they began to find ways to fit in by adopting the mannerisms and even the language of these communities.

It wasn’t until about six years ago that Angelica decided to be her authentic self no matter where she was or who she was around.


“For a very long time, I thought that my identity was connected to my marriage. I literally had lost myself.” -Angelica Ogando

Angelica opens up about her experience as a married woman and how the divorce was that point of transition for her when she truly began to accept herself and embrace her authentic self.

She tells us how in relationships, we sometimes identify with the other person to the point of losing ourselves, and that this is what had happened to her. But going through the divorce led her to unpack who she had been and where she was in life.

During this period, Angelica realized that no matter the titles, the accomplishments, or things anyone has, at the core, that has nothing to do with who we truly are. That, even if a relationship or a job ceases to exist, our essence remains.


“If I could inspire one woman today, then I've lived with purpose.” -Angelica Ogando

Through therapy and coaching, Angelica was able to rebuild herself and find her next career move. Through processing emotions and identifying beliefs, she realized who she was and that her purpose was to help women like herself, who were going through a transition in their life, to find their purpose and become confident queen warriors.



Angelica reminds us that we are more than our titles and accomplishments! Listen to this episode to learn more:


Listen to this episode to learn more about her journey: Spotify & Apple Podcasts

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Connect with Angelica on Instagram @queenangieogando and on Linkedin.

And check her website to learn more about her coaching services.


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