Say My Name with Clara Torres-Jamison

Say My Name with Clara Torres-Jamison

We are highlighting a previous episode of the ¿Quién Tú Eres? podcast, where we explore the conflict we often face between "professionalism" & being our authentic selves.

Clara Torres-Jamison is a proud Puertorriqueña and Dominicana whose mission is to help and teach 1 million women to find their voice. She wants women to be visible and empowered without giving up their health in the process.

Clara was a former Fortune 100 Sales and Marketing Executive. And now, as an entrepreneur, she is the founder of Resiliency Group, LLC. and the author of Camila and the Rain and The Financial Divas Bullet Journal. She also serves as a Certified Yoga and Wellness Coach and is the Podcast Host of InspirationaLatinos and Questions to Ask.

And in this conversation, Clara shares many stories, realizations, and knowledge that makes us self-reflect. She goes into her issues with insecurities and perfectionism and how she ultimately learned to give herself permission to be her authentic self.


These are some of the episode highlights:

“I had to learn when to code-switch and when not to.” -Clara Torres-Jamison

Before Clara left the corporate world, she worked for Telemundo, a space where many people looked like her and showed up as themselves. But there were still moments when she had to learn when to code-switch because, while there were many people who were very accepting, there were also others who wanted her to tone it down.

Her experiences with code-switching also related to her work with clients, which extended after the 9-5 shift. She would hide certain aspects of herself because she also represented the company. And this made her feel like she did not have a voice to express her opinions.

But later on, Clara realized that many of the things she thought could hurt her were coming from her insecurities. It turns out that many of her clients wanted to learn more about her and her culture.


“I hid that I was a mom for a long time.” -Clara Torres-Jamison

There was a time in Clara’s career when she hid that she was a mom. She felt it could negatively impact her career growth.

One example Clara gives us is how when she went to dinners with young clients, she would say she could not stay longer. She would tell them that it was because she had a big meeting in the morning, but in reality, she was leaving early to go home to her kids.

It took her some time to be okay with showing this side of herself and realize that she was a superwoman for contributing at work, continuing to grow, and being a mother of four kids at the same time.


“Being authentic is giving ourselves permission to not be perfect.” -Clara Torres-Jamison

The path to authenticity was one that Clara was able to walk little by little and one she continues to walk on to this day. For a long time, she was not Clara at work. She was Beth, her assimilated and perfect version. So when she first started to work, she would become Beth and would only allow herself to be Clara elsewhere or with her inner circle.

As Clara got older, she stopped living by other people's definition of who she should be, which required too much effort. And she started to allow herself to be her authentic and imperfect self and to be acceptant that not everyone will resonate with who she is because some people may not perceive who she is or her message in the same positive light. But being acceptant of this gave her the permission to relax in her skin and allow her authentic self to come out.




Clara wants us to feel empowered as our authentic selves and remember that it is okay not to be perfect. 

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