Your Virtual Prima with Ana Paola

Your Virtual Prima with Ana Paola


Welcome to a brand new episode of the ¿Quién Tú Eres? podcast, where we explore the conflict we often face between "professionalism" & being our authentic selves. This week's guest is Ana Paola


Ana Paola is a first-generation Mexican-American raised in Sacramento, CA and she has been creating content in different formats for over 7 years! When she moved to New York in June of 2021, she was in a bit of a creative slump and resorted to TikTok for entertainment, as one does. She’d scroll past endless NYC day-in-the-life videos and quickly realized those videos were not relatable to her. The creators didn’t look like her, live like her, or sound like her, so she said, “Why not make my own?” And she did! But in Spanglish, because that’s how her brain works. She posted her first TikTok in July of 2021 and the rest is history. Since then, she’s amassed an audience of over 150,000 Spanglish speakers who finally see themselves represented in some way. She hopes to inspire others to continue to show up as they are and take up space because we belong everywhere. 


In this week’s episode, Ana tells us all about how she created a creative career herself even when her style of video editing wasn’t popular yet. After walking away from her very religious community and being shunned by almost everyone she knew, she started fending for herself and deciding who she wanted to be. In her free time, she dove into video editing and production. Eventually, she pursued videography full-time and created funny videos for her cousins to watch while they were apart. Those same videos went viral and now you may know her as @anapaowow everyone’s favorite prima. Tune into this week’s episode to hear more about Ana’s incredible story of strength and resilience. 

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