Our Beginnings

This study found "the vast majority of Latinos (76%) repress parts of their personas at work. They modify their appearance, body language, and communication style — all components of executive presence (EP), that intangible element that defines leadership material".
As an Afro-Latino (Dominican) living & working in NYC, Pabel Martinez (PLURAWL Founder) shared this experience and knew that he was not alone. He would often REPRESS parts of his identity inside & outside of work in an effort to feel more included and less judged. 
Pabel launched PLURAWL to begin creating an inclusive community that’s dedicated to challenge social norms around professionalism. First step, was launching the ¿Quién Tú Eres? podcast...which is now in the top 2% of all podcasts Globally. 
For the first time, workplace experiences are being shared publicly... as most go untold out of fear. As we've grown, organizations have requested our help to create a more safe, diverse, inclusive, and equitable future of work. Using the insights gathered from the podcast, Plurawl has educated clients including Google, SalesForce, Twitter, Univision, and Spotify. Most of the incoming requests have been to lead workshops and deliver keynotes around

Authenticity in The Workplace as well as Redefining Professionalism. 

These interactive presentations are designed to challenge social norms around professionalism, educate the audiences on the power of representation in the workplace, and help audiences unlearn their bias.

Email us at hola@plurawl.com with a brief description of your Learning & Development needs, and we will respond ASAP with a link to schedule a quick call.