Our Beginnings

At PLURAWL, we're dedicated to addressing the stigmas and stereotypes that cause members of the Latinx community to compromise their authentic selves.
"According to a new study published by the Center for Talent Innovation, Latinos at Work: Unleashing the Power of Culture, most Latinos in the U.S. do not feel that they can bring their whole selves to the office. The study found the vast majority of Latinos (76%) repress parts of their personas at work. They modify their appearance, body language, and communication style — all components of executive presence (EP), that intangible element that defines leadership material." - Harvard Business Review 
As an Afro-Latino (Dominican) living & working in NYC, Pabel Martinez (PLURAWL Founder) shared this experience and knew that he was not alone. He would often REPRESS parts of his identity inside & outside of work work in an effort to feel more included and less judged. 
Pabel launched PLURAWL to begin creating an inclusive community that’s dedicated to changing the narrative and challenging the stereotypes in the Latinx Community.
Join us on our mission to empower members of Latinx community to be their authentic selves…100% of the time.
Email us with any questions: hola@plurawl.com
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