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Our AI-powered app is a digital mirror for self-reflection, tracking your personal growth and mood patterns. Plurawl helps you identify influences on your well-being.

AI-Powered Coaching

Plurawl is available 24/7, with unlimited sessions.

Don't worry about the need to schedule an appointment or medical insurance.

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Data Privacy

To ensure your data is safe, all entries are end-to-end encrypted. Aka...Plurawl can't read your entries.

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Inner Critic Analysis

After you finish journaling, click a single button and the AI will flag the limiting beliefs that you are displaying. AKA if you are jumping to conclusions.

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Authenticity in the Workplace

We've coached thousands of people unlearn family survival tactics, stop code-switching, and start their authenticity journey.

Previous clients include:

Community Love


Listen, find hope, and know you’re not alone!

"This heartfelt podcast is a must for professionals who may struggle to show up authentically or anyone who has code switched to fit in to dominant workplace cultures. Enough is enough. You’re community is here rallying you to be YOU and crush your career goals."

Kayle Jade

¿Quien soy yo?

"The bravery it takes to be so transparent and vulnerable when sharing one’s journey - coupled with the challenges we inevitably face when in spaces where we are few and far between - is only surpassed by the bravery is takes to step away from comfort and financial security in order to make a greater, more transformative impact.

This is the conversation that we need to be having in our communities. ¿Quien tu eres? makes me feel seen and understood; it challenges me to ask ‘¿quien soy yo?’

Thank you, Pabel."

CV Lopez

No judgement, no hate, all facts

"Thanks for doing this Pabel. This is my favorite podcast to listen to on my commute to work to remind myself that being hispanic is a superpower not the opposite!"

Andres Loya


Love the host and his guests! So many good nuggets to take away from each episode 💕

Silvana Ordonez

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