5 Key Places to Hang Your Plurawl Artwork

Latinx Art Canvas

Plurawl is known mostly for our soft and stylish LatinX T-shirts and hoodies. But did you know we also offer quite an extensive collection of Latina, Latino, and Spanish artwork? Better yet, that collection is growing every day. We have posters, canvas prints, and more. Some pieces are completely original; others feature images of people and characters you are already familiar with.

To give you an idea of just how fantastic our art is, we've put together a list of five key locations to hang your Plurawl pieces. We have also included suggested pieces for each location.

1. Over the Sofa

The area above the sofa is dead space in many homes. It is 'dead' in the sense that you really can't do much with it because of the size of the sofa. That makes it the perfect location for one of your favorite pieces of art. You might even get away with two if your sofa is big enough.

For this particular location we recommend the Hoy Se Baila wall poster. If you have a larger space to work with, consider hanging both the Corte Suprema and AOC posters. They are great conversation starters whenever you have friends and family over.

2. In the Kitchen

Any empty wall space in the kitchen is ideal for LatinX artwork. The kitchen is a social place that should be fun, open, and conversational. We have two recommendations here: the Greca Perk poster for all you coffee lovers and the Popeye canvas art for everyone else. Just note that you might have to explain Popeye to the younger generation. Use him as an example of what happens when kids eat their vegetables.

3. Over the Desk

If you have a desk located somewhere in your home, the wall space above it is a great place for artwork. A good piece of art can make sitting at the desk and doing your work a lot more tolerable. And for that, we have a number of great options.

Our Chula and Pajon (Teal Hair) posters are alive with color and amazingly easy to look at. If you'd like something a bit more thought-provoking, consider the Break the Cycle or Caballo posters. Both will remind you to keep at it until the work is done.

4. In the Dining area

If you have a dining area, we have plenty of artwork to refine it up. We are especially proud of our baseball posters. They are the perfect choice for New York Yankees fans. We have three to choose from: A-Rod, Jorge Bearded, and Mariano Bearded. If you're a true Yankees fan, you recognize all three players without needing their full names. If you're not a Yankees fan, what's up with that?

Incidentally, we also offer a poster featuring two faces you will probably recognize in relation to the Chicago Cubs. It is our Colorism poster. If you want more details, check it out in our online store.

5. In the Bedroom

Last but not least is the bedroom. You likely have some open wall space somewhere, space that could really be refined up by some great LatinX artwork. The Devorame Otra Vez poster is an obvious choice. If you want something a little less suggestive, consider the Caranito poster or the Winnie canvas art. We even offer a fantastic canvas print featuring the incredible Johnny Bravo.

In closing, note that almost all of our art pieces come in multiple sizes. Be sure to choose the right size in relation to your display space. If you have any questions about our artwork, don't be afraid to ask.

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