5 Reasons to Rock a Sin Verguenza Hoodie

5 Reasons to Rock a Sin Verguenza Hoodie

We are extremely proud of our product lines here at Plurawl. Take our LatinX hoodies and sweatshirts. We have something for everyone. No matter who you are and how you see yourself, our clothing and accessories invite you to be authentic. If you've never shopped with us before, might we suggest the Sin Verguenza hoodie?

This is a fleece fabric hoodie with the message "Sin Verguenza Social Club' scrawled across the front. It comes in basic black, two different shades of gray, and navy blue. And yes, we have sizes from S to 2XL. But enough of the technical specifications. Below are five reasons you should seriously consider rocking a Sin Verguenza hoodie:

1. You'll Look Good

You want to look good no matter what you're wearing. We get that. We also get the fact that LatinX fashions can look great and still get the message across. That's what this hoodie is all about. You can wear it with a pair of jeans for any occasion. It will make you look good whether you've done your hair and makeup or not. It is a hoodie that looks good at home with family and out socializing with friends.

2. You'll Be Comfortable

There is something about the fleece material this hoodie is made of. It is so, so comfortable. Wrap yourself in this hoodie and enjoy the feeling of being enveloped in comfortable fleece. We suspect you'll never want to take it off. But you'll have to because it's going to need to be washed from time to time. No worries, though. Take it out of the dryer and put it back on.

3. You'll Be Warm

In addition to being comfortable, you'll be warm whenever you wear the Sin Verguenza hoodie. Because it's fleece, it keeps your body heat from escaping. It also keeps the cold air from penetrating. It is the perfect piece of clothing on those breezy days in spring and fall. During the winter months, fleece is one of the best fabrics for keeping warm. And during the summer, it's always great to have a hoodie on hand for those cool, rainy days.

4. You'll Help Us Get the Word Out

We don't want you to make clothing choices based exclusively on messaging. Nonetheless, our message is important. We specialize in LatinX products because we believe it's important that Latinos feel empowered to be who we are, without reservation. That's the whole idea behind the Sin Verguenza Social Club concept.

When you rock this hoodie, you are telling people you belong and that you're proud of it. You are also encouraging them to be true to themselves. That's not a bad way to use the blank space on the front of a hoodie, is it? It's not. In fact, it is a great use of the space.

5. You'll Be Supporting a Small Business

One of the things that makes this country great is entrepreneurship. Anybody who wants to start a small business can. Those of us who have chosen to do so are willing to take a risk on ourselves, our creativity, and our willingness to work. You can support us by getting your hands on the Sin Verguenza hoodie.

Small business is the bedrock of our economy. As small businesses grow, they hire people and buy goods and services. We all benefit when small businesses are supported by loyal customers. That being the case, we are inviting you to become an early adopter of the Plurawl brand. You'll be helping not only our business, but also our goal of making Sin Verguenza the cornerstone of LatinX culture.

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