Anti-Paraguayo Social Club: Don't Be That Guy or Girl

Anti-Paraguayo Social Club: Don't Be That Guy or Girl

Have you seen our anti-paraguayo T-shirts and hoodies? To be more specific, here is what they all say: Anti-Paraguayo Social Club. As a member of that social club, you are not going to be the guy or girl who is all talk and no action. You're going to say what you mean and mean what you say. That is just part of being authentic.


Don't be surprised if people see this hoodie or T-shirt and not know what it means. Outside the LatinX community, people don't know what the Dominican slang 'paraguayo' means. Don't stress. Instead, take every opportunity to explain it to people who ask. They need to know that being anti-paraguayo is part of who you are.


Walk the Walk


The world is filled with people who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. They have a lot to say on just about everything. They use big words and phrases designed to impress. But then you look to see if what they do lines up with what they say. Unfortunately, you are disappointed. The walk doesn't match the talk.


Don't be that guy or girl. Do not be the one who draws a lot of attention with your words only to disappoint with your actions. That's not being authentic. It's being fake. It is pretending to be something you're not. Instead, make sure your walk and talk match.


It's Different for Everybody


Don't take this to mean that you should believe certain things or live a certain way. That is not the point at all. Rather, you be who you are – no matter who that person is. Just don't say one thing and do another. Speak in a way that generally reflects what makes you uniquely you. Then live the same way.


It's going to look different for everybody, and that's okay. We're all different people. Even in a city as large as New York, you're never going to find two people who are exactly the same. What makes you tick is what makes you unique.


The Plurawl brand is that way. We don't just sell LatinX T-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, and artwork. There is a reason all our products boast a uniquely LatinX message. Our company was formed to encourage those in the LatinX community to proudly live authentic lives. To encourage them to be proud of their heritage, culture, and beliefs. Few other T-shirt companies have that same vision.


We Walk the Walk


We wouldn't want you to do anything we were unwilling to do ourselves, so we make our best effort to walk the walk as a company. All our messaging is direct and pointed. Not everyone is a fan of what they see from Plurawl, but that's okay. When you walk the walk, not everyone around you agrees. It is part of the package.


We want to inspire people to be authentic. We want to inspire them to be true to themselves. We can do no less with our products. Every new product we add to our inventory is a reflection of our company culture and what we stand for. We hope we can inspire you to do something similar.


The anti-paraguayo T-shirt and hoodie say it all. We are not big fans of being all talk and no action. We aren't big fans of people saying one thing and doing something different. We believe that a person's words should match their actions. If you agree, the Anti-Paraguayo Social Club is for you. And if not, no worries. Plurawl offers a lot of great items for you to choose from.

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