Great Gift Idea: The Me Hiciste Brujeria Coffee Mug

Great Gift Idea: The Me Hiciste Brujeria Coffee Mug
We like to think we offer lots of great gift ideas here at Plurawl. Between our t-shirts, hoodies, posters, and coffee mugs, we have something for everyone. Speaking of coffee mugs, might we suggest you check out the 'Me Hiciste Brujeria' mug? It could make the perfect gift for someone you're crazy about.

Spanish speakers will get it right away. If you don't speak Spanish, the phrase is literally translated, 'you made me witchcraft'. The phrase is actually a line from a pretty well-known song in Puerto Rican culture. The English equivalent would be something like, 'you put a spell on me'.

Take a look at the Me Hiciste Brujeria mug and you'll see it has some interesting artwork. It is part '70s chic, part '90s color, and even a little bit sexy. We will leave it to you to decide who to give it to.

Your Significant Other

Some of you will probably want to give this coffee mug to your significant other. After all, that is the one person who makes your heart race. That's the person who makes your knees wobbly and your palms sweaty. No doubt your significant other has put a spell on you.

Valentine's Day has passed for this year, but there is always your significant other's birthday. But you don't have to wait for a special occasion. You can gift your favorite person any day, and for no other reason but the fact that you're in love.

Your Son or Daughter

The Me Hiciste Brujeria mug makes a great gift for a son or daughter. For many of us, our kids are the center of our world. We would do anything for them. To say they have put a spell on us is to state the obvious. No one tugs on the old heart strings more than the kids.

Your Secret Love

Okay, so you are not in a committed relationship, and you don't have kids. Maybe there is someone you consider a secret love. They don’t know how you feel. That person may not even know you exist. What better way to introduce yourself than giving a token of your esteem? A coffee mug makes an informal gift that doesn't require an emotional response from the other person.

If your secret love is intrigued enough by your gift to give you a chance, you are on your way. If not, no damage done. At least the coffee mug still has a practical function.

Your Biggest Rival

You can even give this coffee mug to your biggest rival. And actually, it can go either way. Give it as a gift of peace and you just may reduce some of the tension between the two of you. Give it as a subtle jab and you can keep the rivalry going. It is entirely up to you. Just remember that the other person's interpretation matters a lot.

Complete Strangers

Finally, you may be into committing random acts of kindness on a regular basis. You go out of your way to find people to bless. Well, the gift of a coffee mug can put a smile on someone's face. It can make a co-worker's day or make someone who normally feels isolated feel like part of the group.

Coffee mugs make great gifts for all sorts of occasions. You don't even need a reason to give one. Hopefully though, we have given you plenty of good reasons to take a good look at the Me Hiciste Brujeria coffee mug. It is definitely a keeper no matter who you buy it for.

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