Why Not Start Your Coffee Mug Collection Here at Plurawl?

Why Not Start Your Coffee Mug Collection Here at Plurawl?

It has been said that there is a collector living inside each one of us. We don't know if that's true, but we do know that we offer at least three different categories of products collectors seem to be drawn to: artwork, hats, and coffee mugs. Yes, people really do collect coffee mugs.


Maybe you are looking to start a new collection. Coffee mugs are a great option if you are a heavy coffee or tea consumer. Starting your own collection not only gives you something to invest your time in, but you also get to actually use your collection every day. Why not start with one or two mugs from Plurawl?


We have a few suggestions:



If you haven't seen any of these particular mugs yet, head on over to the coffee mug page in our online store. We guarantee you will recognize all of the images. Some of them even appear on our LatinX T-shirts and sweatshirts.


Why Collect Coffee Mugs


People collect anything and everything under the sun. From books to shoes and sunglasses, there is a collector for just about every product category ever created. So the question you're probably asking now is this: why coffee mugs? What is it about them that makes them worth collecting?


1. Limitless Variety


One of the characteristics of a great collectible is variety. The greater the variety in a given product category, the more items there are in that category to collect. Decades ago, postage stamps were the big thing. There were literally millions of different stamps a collector could acquire. It wouldn't be surprising to learn that there are just as many different coffee mugs floating around out there. The variety is limitless.


2. Themes and Messages


Coffee mugs make great collectibles because they offer so many different themes and messages. You could concentrate exclusively on sports-related mugs. If you are behind what we do here at Plurawl, you could build your collection around the LatinX lifestyle and message. Again, the possibilities are almost endless.


In addition to themes are the messages. In that regard, coffee mugs are a lot like T-shirts. People can write things on coffee mugs they would be uncomfortable speaking out loud. The mug is a safe venue for speaking your mind in a way that most people do not deem offensive.


3. Building Connections


Avid collectors love to talk about the communities they belong to. There is a certain camaraderie among like-minded collectors due to their shared interests. Simply put, collecting is a good way to make and build new connections. Coffee mugs are especially conducive to that for the simple fact that they are such a normal part of everyday life.


4. Easy and Inexpensive


Finally, collecting coffee mugs is an inexpensive hobby that is easy to get started with. You can buy coffee mugs at very reasonable prices from flea markets and discount stores. You can frequent garage and sidewalk sales where you'll find kitschy coffee mugs for pennies. It really doesn't take much money or effort to get started. And once you build a collection, you can think about trading with other collectors.


People collect a lot of different things. Coffee mugs are just one option. If you are looking for something you can begin collecting with minimal effort and a small financial investment, consider starting a coffee mug collection by buying one or two LatinX mugs from Plurawl. We would love the opportunity to help you get started.

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