Why Plurawl T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs Make Perfect Gifts

Why Plurawl T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs Make Perfect Gifts

We have gradually been expanding our inventory since opening our online store. We have you, our customers, to thank for that. You have shown enthusiastic support for Plurawl, to the extent that you are telling us what you want. And a lot of you are looking for T-shirts and coffee mugs to give as gifts.


We took a step back to consider why these two particular items are so popular as gifts. We've come up with a number of things. Suffice it to say that we think our LatinX T-shirts and coffee mugs are a much better option than the generic stuff you find on other seller sites.


All that said, here's why Plurawl T-shirts and coffee mugs make perfect gifts:


1. Everybody Uses Them


The hardest part about buying a gift is coming up with something the recipient will both appreciate and use. When it comes to T-shirts and coffee mugs, neither is a problem. Everybody uses them. Just take a look in your own home. How many T-shirts are in your closet or dresser drawer? If you're like most people, you have at least half-a-dozen.


Take a look in your kitchen. How many coffee mugs do you have? You probably have at least one complete set you got with the rest of your dishes. And even if not, you've probably picked up a random collection of miscellaneous coffee mugs over the years. A Plurawl coffee mug or two would make the perfect addition.


Your friends and extended family members probably have just as many T-shirts and coffee mugs. But they can always use more. Remember, T-shirts wear out and end up in the trash can. Coffee mugs fall and break. As long as people are wearing clothes and drinking coffee, they will need T-shirts and coffee mugs.


2. They Promote Our Culture


A big reason for starting Plurawl was to promote the LatinX culture. Whether you consider yourself Latino, Latina, or just LatinX in general, our T-shirts and coffee mugs make it easy for you to tell the world who you are and what you believe. That's because T-shirts and coffee mugs are ideal message platforms.


For example, have you seen our El Tigere de Wall Street T-shirt? Or how about the Cariñito tee? Both are good sellers for us right now. If any of your friends are into baseball, we have a handful of Yankees T-shirts perfect for showing your support of the Bronx Bombers during the second half of the season.


3. They Won't Break the Bank


Most of us give gifts throughout the year. Yet it is only at Christmas that we can afford to spend a lot. We need more affordable gifts the rest of the year. Once again, T-shirts and coffee mugs fit the bill. They will not break the bank.


Tees and coffee mugs are a great gift for teens and adults alike. If you have younger kids, no worries. We have toddler one pieces and T-shirts. We have a great selection of youth T-shirts as well. Every T-shirt and one piece comes with an encouraging and supportive message relating to the LatinX culture.


If you are like us, gift-giving is part of your lifestyle. You appreciate the opportunity to show loved ones just how much you care by giving gifts on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and any other occasion you think is appropriate.


We have you covered at Plurawl. Our growing selection of T-shirts and coffee mugs offer something for everyone on your list. And don't forget the hoodies and artwork. They make great gifts, too.

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