Career Cheerleader with Harleny Vasquez

Career Cheerleader with Harleny Vasquez

Welcome to a brand new episode of the ¿Quién Tú Eres? podcast, where we explore the conflict we often face between "professionalism" & being our authentic selves. This week's guest is Harleny Vasquez.


Harleny Vasquez is a First-Generation Latina, a Licensed Social Worker turned Career Coach. She is the CEO and founder of yourEVOLVEDmind, a career consulting firm dedicating its efforts to supporting the next generation of social workers. Through targeted career consulting, her aim is to transform and redefine their career narratives, setting them on a path of empowerment and growth.


Her work has been featured on Hispanic Executive, Al DiaNews, Medium, Huff Post, and LinkedIn News. She was recognized as a 2022 Emerging Social Work Trailblazer and a 2023 Top 13 Inspirational Keynote Speaker for Career and Leadership Development. Also, a Co-Author of Latinx/e in Social Work Volume 2. She is committed to uplifting and elevating the next generation of leaders by providing career consulting services, creating content, speaking engagements, facilitating workshops, and hosting her podcast Social Work Insider. She pioneers a new era, where emerging change makers question norms and build unique paths.


In this week’s episode, Harleny tells us how she found the intersection of social work and tech, as well as how she uses it to help those in her community. She talks about her own mental health journey, and how she often felt like she wasn’t good enough. Harleny took a hard look at her mental health, decided to make a change, and started becoming her own cheerleader. Now she is a career cheerleader for her community and has changed the lives of countless students around the world. 


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