Combating Insecurity with Patty Delgado

Combating Insecurity with Patty Delgado

We are highlighting a previous episode of the ¿Quién Tú Eres? podcast, where we explore the conflict we often face between "professionalism" & being our authentic selves.

Patty Delgado is the Founder, CEO, and Designer of Hija De Tu Madre, a Latina lifestyle brand. Hija de tu Madre designs apparel, accessories, and stationery for women that take their culture everywhere.

The daughter of two Mexican immigrants, Delgado always had a hunger for culture, belonging and representation. So in 2016, with $500 and a mission to make fashion more inclusive of the modern Latina experience, Delgado launched Hija de tu Madre.

In this conversation, Patty Delgado takes us on a journey through her experience between professionalism and authenticity.

These are some of the episode highlights:

To Patty Delgado authenticity means being your most radical self and combating insecurity while also owning it. But she also shares how painful that can feel.

She says, “To be authentic means you have to combat insecurity and own it. Just show up with all your baggage.” 

Coming from Latino households, it is challenging to go against the norms of our family’s traditions, especially as first generation children of immigrants. Our parents grew up differently prior to their arrival in the United States. But they attempt to keep those same traditions and it proves challenging for children straddling two worlds. Children of immigrants, somehow, have to keep their family’s identity alive while also assimilating to the American ways of life. Attempting to figure out who you are as a Latinx and an American takes time to figure out because in the end, we still want to stay true to our roots but also want to be true to the part of us that is growing up in America. Patty reiterates, “To be authentic is political.”

“Growing up, I went through so many different phases… I’ve always been very accustomed to going against authority, my parents. I just like showing up as myself and my interests even if that made my parents really uncomfortable.” Patty Delgado

As many first gen Americans in Latino households, we usually feel inclined to rebel against our parents and their ways, which are deeply rooted in the traditions passed down from our ancestors. Fortunately, for some of us, pushing buttons and going against parental authority is what allows us to explore who we are and who we should be as individuals that seem to be living in two worlds. 

Hija de tu Madre was my outlet for reclaiming the messiness of my identity. I think I had this backlog of cultural suppression and I think I let it out through Hija de Tu Madre.” - Patty Delgado

As Latinx and Black cultures we have had to suppress our identities, traditions, and ourselves because we are not welcomed as our full selves in America, let alone, in the corporate world. And what better way to take that internalized rage than to create a brand that gives full permission to proudly expose and rep one’s language, traditions, and cultural authenticity without having to tiptoe around the subject. Patty says that Hija de Tu Madre, “It's like a statement of identity, it's incredibly loud, very unapologetic, and it's just like women giving themselves permission to take up space in a country where they’re not welcomed.” 

“As far as me and professionalism, I feel like I don’t have it figured out. I feel like being a boss or a jefa, I'm constantly struggling with, what does that mean for me? Because I hated all my bosses.”Patty Delgado

Patty often wonders what it means to be professional but empathic and also a leader. She states,“I’m a person and so flawed. I want the grace to be human and be weird and funny and still be deemed professional.”

Patty shares that one of the many ways to combat insecurities is by setting them aside for the bigger goals or vision. However, she admits that’s difficult to do on a daily basis. Having to learn to be confident when you’re insecure is hard because you have no other choice,especially, when running a business because there are others involved. As leader, it is important to lead but to do so in a way that allows room for both. 

“I think because our relationships with our customers and our audience, is so personal that I feel like I have to be myself all the time.” Patty Delgado

Patty helps us to combat insecurity by letting us know that having the verbal tools and the confidence to create boundaries is imperative especially coming from households where everyone is overbearing and boundaries are nonexistent. She shares how rewarding it feels to speak up and advocate for self in all relationships but especially when you’re running a company that is admired by so many. 


Patty Delgado inspires us to change the narrative by showing up as our authentic selves. Make sure to connect with Patty Delgado on Instagram @hijadetumadre

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