Compassionate Healthcare with Angel Rosario Jr.

Compassionate Healthcare with Angel Rosario Jr.

Welcome to a brand new episode of the ¿Quién Tú Eres? podcast, where we explore the conflict we often face between "professionalism" & being our authentic selves. This week's guest is Angel Rosario.

Angel Rosario Jr. is a native New Yorker from Harlem/Washington Heights who explores his intersectional identities as a gay, Afro-Dominican, cis-gender doctor who is completing his training as a General Surgeon.

Coming from a low-income background, Angel explores race, health, power, privilege, and the socioeconomic disparities that result through this lens, articulating them through his memoir writing and poetry, health disparities research, and mentorship. Also known as ‘el dotoi con los rolos’, he further strives to challenge narratives of professionalism, notions of ‘success’, and criticisms of healing by donning his hair with rolos, a symbol of his community and a homage to the Dominican, Puerto Rican, and non-Latina Black women who raised him. He believes that a diverse, unapologetically authentic, and culturally humble healthcare workforce, working alongside community members, is crucial to ending race-based medicine.

He is a first-gen college graduate of the University at Buffalo, received his Master's in Public Health degree from Harvard University as a Zuckerman Fellow, and obtained his Medical Degree from the University of California San Francisco, where he focused on caring for Urban Underserved communities, receiving the 2020 Gold-Headed Cane award honoring the graduate student who exemplifies the qualities of a ‘true physician’.

In this week's episode, Angel tells us his experience growing up in the Bronx being tested into a gifted private school in the Upper West Side, and navigating the medical industry as a queer black man. Angel is a kind and generous man whose work focuses on reducing racial bias in the medical industry. He hopes to dismantle systems of oppression in his field so that future patients can have a more compassionate medical experience. 

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