Professionalism & Authenticity - Juliana Londono

Professionalism & Authenticity - Juliana Londono

On ¿Quién Tú Eres? podcast, we explore the conflict we often face between "professionalism" & being our authentic selves. We would love to feature everyone in our community on their own episode. That said, we publish one episode a we created a story submission option for people to self-publish & share their experiences with the world. 

Tell me about a time when you repressed parts of your authentic self?

Juliana LondonoAs a Latina, Licensed mental health therapist, I knew I was entering a field that was dominated by cis-White women with plenty of privilege. From my graduate program to various roles, I have been the "only" person of color in the spaces. So much so that I left my corporate job and took life into my own hands and am now starting my own business focusing on awareness on intersectionality of mental health and the Latinx community.


When do you feel the most comfortable being your authentic self?

Juliana Londono - I feel like my most authentic self when I am in a room filled with diverse faces, voices, and roles. I feel most supported and loved when I can share my message of inspiration with others.


What would give you the confidence to be your authentic self, regardless the environment?

Juliana Londono - I live by the Moto: "I may be the first, but I will not be the last." I am not quite sure who first said that, but it is something I heard during college. What gives me the confidence is knowing that I am breaking barriers and establishing a path for others to follow.


Have a story to share? Let us know here for an opportunity to be featured in the podcast!

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