Styling for the Stars with Oscar Montes de Oca

Styling for the Stars with Oscar Montes de Oca


Have you ever wondered who was styling the most popular celebrities on the red carpet? Did you ever think that he would be Latino? That’s right! We’re styling the stars! And not only that, this week’s guest prefers styling curvy women. Women who look like the women in our community, representing our community’s body types on the red carpet. 

Oscar Montes De Oca has made it a point to represent his community in every room he’s in. Whether that be breaking stereotypes or excelling in his career, Oscar is just one of many successful Latinos who have made it in a creative industry. And while the road hasn’t always been easy, his hard work is definitely paying off.

Celebrity fashion stylist and Creative Director Oscar Montes de Oca has made a name for himself in the styling world for his chic, timeless, conceptual, and body-flattering styling. A native New Yorker, he has more than 12 years of experience, which includes extensive work in the international and Latin markets. He has worked on numerous editorial, TV, ad campaigns, videos, and films, and his styling has been featured in some of the world's top publications. Oscar has enjoyed styling numerous celebrities who have graced the best-dressed list.

As someone who was raised in “the Southernmost Part of the Bronx” and had to build his own career from the ground up, Oscar has had a long journey to success. He’s had to prove himself over and over again just to get a seat at the table. But in the last few years, Oscar finally feels as if he’s met his own expectations.

This week, Oscar shares how he went from being a kid growing up in the southernmost part of the Bronx to being a nationally recognized celebrity stylist and creative director. 

In this episode, we talked about

  • Why Oscar styles for curvy women
  • How a tip from his mentor changed his mindset
  • Why he intentionally breaks stereotypes everywhere he goes 
  • How he handles survivor's guilt

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